Never Take Life for Granted!

ImageFive years ago on Easter I almost died.  Some of you may have read my story last year (on my other blog) and to some this may be new.  But since every time around this year I count my blessings twice, if not more, that I am still alive.

There are no words to explain how thankful to Christ I am, that He chose to let me live and there are no words to say how awesome He is either, but God knows that I am.

It’s a funny thing when you feel death come over you, okay maybe not really funny, but really the funny part is what crossed my mind before I thought I’d die.  So not what I expected it to be.  Ever watch movies when peoples lives flash before their eyes as they are dying… yea well I thought that would be how it was.  Or that I would think of all the things I regretted or did wrong or what (if any) unsettled business I would leave behind.  Ironically though those things never crossed my mind.  I really felt peaceful, no fighting not to let go, just peace and a calmness that felt comforting.  The only thing I thought was God please let my hubs know I love him and my family too.  And sorry for anything wrong I had done and then I let go.  That’s it… no bad thoughts, just those… and that is the last thing I remember.

The strangest thing I remember about the experience is the feeling of my body shutting down, it had had enough and was quitting.  Whether I wanted it to or not, I had not say.  Surprisingly I did not care much to put up a fight cause I just felt tired.  But if felt like everything was going in slow motion… my heart beat was all I heard, besides my few last thoughts.  Hearing my heart beat the way I did was strange… no words for how it sounded… not creepy, sorta strange, but calming too… yeah strange I know.

You see three days before Easter I was woken by a sharp stabbing pain in my ear (like something bit or stung me)… it hurt so bad that I so instantly had to go to the bathroom… so I got out of bed and started to the bathroom, which was like ten steps away.  In that time my ear swelled shut and was flaming hot.  Of course it kind of freaked me out so I yelled for my husband, who took one look at it and decided we were going to the ER.

Well, all they knew is that I possible was bit or stung by something… what?… they have no idea.  So they gave me drops (for when the swelling went down) and an extra strong antibiotic to take.  So I went home and for the next couple days kept taking the drops and pills… but despite this I still wasn’t feeling any better… actually I was feeling worse.

Then came Easter Sunday and my stubborn butt insisted on going to church…. let’s explain how much of a mess I was… my hands and feet were crayon red and itched something fierce, my olive tone to my skin was gone, I felt sick, the white parts of my eyes were all red, dark black circles under my eyes… simply put I looked like death.

Even with all of that something inside me kept saying go to church (now looking back I know that was God).  So after so fussing cause my hubs so didn’t think it was a good idea, but decided it was not worth fighting about so we went.  And lets just say I barely made it through it.  At the end we quickly left and my husband was going to go home, but something told him to take me to the ER (again God) and just as he got me to the ER is when everything went down hill.  My heart rate was off the chart and I started having a hard time breathing.

The next thing I know is the are throwing me in a wheel chair and ripping my clothes off (lets just say I didn’t like that part)… right in front of everyone.  Now normally I would have freaked cause hey I don’t want people seeing me naked.  But I couldn’t fight it.  My husband was freaked and he said he had never seen so many people so quickly rip someone’s clothes off.  They quickly rushed me to a room hooked me up to a machine and started an IV and heart thingy (can’t remember what it’s called) and slapped some needle in my arm twice… There was so many people my hubs said that he thought I was gonna die.  I guess them getting the heart zapping machine out freaked him out a bit, but it was for just in case my heart flat lined. The last thing he remembers me saying is I love you and reaching for his hand… I don’t remember saying that or doing it and I do not remember any of the shots etc.  Last thing I remember is them ripping my clothes off and wheeling me down the hall.

Thinking about it to this day feels like something out of a movie… sometimes I cannot believe that was me or that it happened to me.  Once I finally woke back up… many many hours later… the doctor explained that I was having an allergic reaction to Sulfa.  I was confused cause when I think of allergic reaction I think of something that causes symptoms quicker, but the doctor explained that with sulfa it attaches itself to things in your body and when my body rejected it my body tried killing it and since it was attached to my body my body was killing itself.  So the effects of are different, but basically my body slowly kills itself, which is why I felt sick and wasn’t getting better.  One common sign of a reaction to sulfa is having your hands and feet turn crayon red.

He did ask me why I didn’t come in sooner when I wasn’t feeling good… and honestly I said I was just thinking that whatever bit did a doozy on me.  I never thought I was having an allergic reaction, I mean why would I.

He said you truly have someone watching out for you and how everything played out happened just the way it was suppose too.  Had I just stayed in bed I would have died in my sleep.  My husband would have come in to find me and it would have been to late.  He explained that most people die from reactions to sulfa because they don’t feel good and just try to sleep it off only to die in their sleep.  If my hubs did not go to ER instead of going home the doctor said I would have probably died because I would have shut down and by the time someone got to me my air way would have been closed off.  Either way you slice it I am super blessed to be alive today.

The reality of what happened or could of happened is mind boggling.  And still to this day I am thankful for every year the Easter comes around cause it reminds me that God is not finished with me yet and I have more things to do yet.

Just a reminder to count your blessings and never take for granted the blessings and miracles God does in your life, whether big or small to you God meant them for you so that is always something awesome to have.

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