Falling In Love All Over Again

ImageSo today we were going through the boxes in the basement.  The ones we still have yet to go through from our move.  So many things just got put into boxes by the movers and they unpacked and repacked stuff we had already had in boxes, which leaves us with the job of going through them.  We need to figure out what to keep, to put in storage back home, and what if at all we are going to get rid of.

Well, while we were going through one of the boxes we came across some of the stuff we had put in a box of memories.  It’s a box of stuff we were given from family or things we like and don’t want to part with, thing we’d pass down etc.  That is when I came across a little plastic box full of letters and wondered what it was.  Just when I was about to ask the hubs if it was his he grabs it from my hands.

Guess it was his lol.  He opened it and I was like what are all those and he was like they are all the letters you sent me while I was in basic and tech school.  Then my dumb butt says I didn’t send any (then I thought… did I?).  He was like really you don’t remember sending me these.

I started opening them and reading them.  Then there was the letters from all the daycare kids I sent him, and the calling cards, and pictures, and the paper work for our wedding he had to fill out to come back for, the hotel receipt from when I visited him, and his plain tickets etc.  Anything and everything from basic and tech school was in there.  I had no idea he kept those.  I was touched.

I asked him why he kept them and he said why wouldn’t I.  It is what got him through the time we were apart.  I just hugged him and said I loved him.  I don’t know, it just really touched my heart that he kept all those things… made me fall in love with him all over again.

However, I do feel kinda of dumb for not remembering how many letters and cards I had sent him lol.

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