Finding Hope, with a Dash of Peace

So the other day I was given a some hope and feel a bit of peace in this whole TTC journey.  Who would have known that someone would contact me and give me the hope I needed and help me find some peace.  I had a wonderful fellow Milspouse and Cyster contact me with some wonderful information that would help us with our TTC journey.

She had said, she thought I already knew about these options, she told me about through the military, but decided to write me anyway… and am I glad she did.  I have not been told about these options or that we do qualify for it.  She could have just not contacted us… I mean there could have been a lot of what ifs she did this or did not do this, but the point is she did contact me and that I am ever so thankful for.  You know who you are and if you are reading this thank you again.  I cannot wait to find out more information from her 🙂

So now we have been able to give more form and a timeline for what we plan to do for our journey to fill our nest.  More info to come soon, but I am just so excited that I have all these things running through my head and most of all I have renewed sense of hope; that I really needed.  I will not give up yet, but sometimes I feel like my hope flame is barely flickering and now with this new info… it’s blazing bright.

So let me say that if you ever feel lead to ask or share something with someone.. even if you are not sure or think they should or may know .. go ahead and share anyways.  It may just be what that person needed at that point… even if is just a reminder of something.  You never know what it can do for someone.

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