Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Well, I am shocked to say the least.  I was nominated for a couple blog awards on my previous blog, but was not sure I would be nominated with this new one.  Not sure why, but guess I just do it because I or should I saw “we” now… love sharing our story.  We figure if you like it great, if not oh well.  Not to be rude or anything, but we know what we write about or do may not be something everyone likes, and that is okay.

On to the point of this post… I logged into today and lo and behold I find out I am nominated for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”… it was so sweet and wonderful to find out.  Thank you so much Bree @ Thought Provoking Moments 🙂  When I read her reason for the nomination I had to stop and think a minute… what she said: (I have much respect for her desire to give back. Very inspiring and motivating!).

I guess it took me a minute because it is who I am, and who my husband is.  We truly love helping others and feel for those who deal with PCOS and infertility.  In some ways I would love to think we would all do it, but I know we don’t.  Despite this it was very kind of her to say what she said because I just feel like who thanks you for being nice when that is what I just do … I don’t expect to be thanked or pointed out for doing me, but it surely felt nice… so thank you very much Bree.

Okay now on to the rules:

  1. Display the award image on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites.
  5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post.

1- Done 🙂

2- Done 🙂

3- Hmmm 7 things about myself… so I figure since this is both our story I would list 7 things about myself and 7 things about the hubs 🙂  Only fair I figure.

7 things about Mr O. (note these are his words so forgive him 😉 he is strange lol): 1. I am a dude, 2. I like games, 3. I have a hot wife, 4. I like technology, 5. I love my wife, 6. I am American, 7. I have a black dog and he is not evil.

7 things about Mrs O.: 1. I love my hubs, 2. I love my family, 3. I love my pups (Cupcake & Oreo), 4. I love anything crafty, 5. I love helping others, 6. I love learning (I know call me a nerd), 7. I love my Cysters

4- Gosh nominating 15 other bloggers might prove to be difficult.  I may have to add some over time as some of my fav ones do not blog anymore 😦 So here are the ones I would like to inspire in no particular order….

1. Lynne @ Fighting PCOS Naturally (because she is a fellow Cyster and I like that she does things naturally and takes part in things for Cysters)

2. Bree @ Thought Provoking Moments (since she nominated me I feel it only fair to nominate her.  Plus it is inspiring that she takes time to get to know people)

3. Amber @ Goodnight Moon (I started reading her blog and doing her blog hop when I blogged on my own and though she is not blogging as much I love her honesty because most people won’t be)

4. Ashley @ Ashbee Designs (I know not the typical blog, but she designs and her designs are inspirational because she listens to you and customized to what you want.  She is a joy to work with and I love her designs)

5. Lauren @ Not Just an Army Wife (She is a fellow milspouse and Cyster… if that is not inspiring enough then I don’t know what is.)

6. Michelle @ A Well-Adjusted Pessimist (I read her blog prior to her change, and found her posts funny and she was great talking with… anyone willing to be themselves in inspiring 🙂

7. Kara @ Happy-Go-Lucky (I love that she inspires others to be crafty, plus I love her blog hop with no rules, just to purely be nice and get to know other bloggers)

8. Mel and Nessa @ 2Lesbians1Baby (I love that they share their story and do giveaways that help support small business… plus I love their honesty)

So that is it for now 😦 I’ve tried looking up others I was reading prior to starting this new blog, but a lot of them have taken down their blogs 😦 I will have to find others to add later on 🙂

7 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

    • The Ohler's says:

      You are welcome. Watching a few of your videos you all seem like a cool family and you all make me laugh… and I like when people share their story on how they try to conceive a child… there are many unique ways people can do so 🙂

  1. ThoughtProvokingMoments says:

    I think that giving back should be a given for more people. Sadly, like you said…its not. I nominated you because you give back. And I believe in recognition no matter the size. I felt it would motivate and inspire others in the community we share of infertility and PCOS, which is always my goal. I volunteer, support, encourage, reassure, & above all…. I recognize.

    Sometimes a “thank you” or “I see you” is all that’s needed to remind those who are selfless that their efforts aren’t unnoticed. I appreciate your journey and what you are trying to do.

    Happy Holidays!! 🙂 and, Thank You!

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