Giving Back

We want to thank you for stopping by to learn a little more about how Soul Cyster Creations is making dreams come true.

Mr and Mrs O have dealt with the havoc fertility issues PCOS has caused, since 2003.  Knowing how it feels to deal with both these issues we wanted to give back to those suffering with the same issues.  However, since the start of this we decided we wanted to give pieces that support other causes.

So now instead of giving twice a year we doing a give away at least every other month.  The plan is to find a cause that is going on during that month and have Mrs. O make a custom piece to give away that cause and gift it away 🙂  It may just even make an appearance in Soul Cyster Creations for purchasing.

This is a just small token of thanks to those who help support Mrs. O’s store because the proceeds will help us help our dream come true. After 9 plus years of trying and three miscarriages we have decided it’s time to start saving some extra money so we can try every thing possible to fill our nest.  This way in the end we can say we gave it all we got, and have no regrets.

So make sure to check out Soul Cyster Creations Facebook Page as the giveaways happen on there, so make sure to “like” the page so can make sure to keep up to date with giveaways and new items and give your input on future giveaways.

The giveaways take place on Facebook so make sure to “like” Soul Cyster Creations to stay up to date with the giveaways 🙂 and new items and also give your input on future giveaways 🙂


6 thoughts on “Giving Back

  1. Christla Walker says:

    I tweeted and liked and will share on FB as well… every so often I will continue to do that to spread the word. 😉 Stay strong y’all God has it all in control. Keep doing your part, and He will meet you where he left off.

    Love you both very much,
    The Walkers

  2. ThoughtProvokingMoments says:

    I would love to link to this on my blog and keep you right upfront. I admire what you do with your proceeds and think you deserve a bit more recognition. I suffer from PCOS (mildly) and am in the TTC phases, so I can truly relate to your struggle.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you! 🙂

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