Our Progress

Currently Mrs O is fighting against PCOS.  She is in the SCWLC (Soul Cyster’s Weight Loss Challenge) and is prepping to do 2 different 5K runs in 2013.  The COLORRUN and The Glow Run.  Both her and Mr O will be participating in.  Mrs O is hoping to share pics of her progress come time of the 1st 5K she does.  Here’s to battling PCOS to get her life back 🙂

Mrs O’s

Starting Weight (October 1, 2012) 222 lbs
Current Weight (January 8, 2013) 212.1 lbs (loss of 9.9 lbs)

Starting Inches (October 15, 2012) 337
Current Inches (January 8, 2013) 319.25 (loss of 17.75 inches overall)


2 thoughts on “Our Progress

  1. Rachel Draker- Rangel says:

    I was diagnosed with infertility before I was even old enough to know what that was. But I ended up getting pregnant fairly easy and I think it’s because I tried for “rebound ovulation” by taking birth control pills for six months and then ovulating the month after I stopped. I haven’t been able to have a #2 but just wanted to put that out there if you want to try for rebound ovulation. Good luck and God Bless.

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