Life Is Good


Mr. O was so kind to let me have my own little corner in this very small house, sometimes we joke about how can we even call it a house.  Feels more like a shack at times.  Either way I have a corner where my creative side is able to run wild and free.  It may not always look the tidiest, but creativity to me is not about being clean… it is about letting things just be as they want.  My process may seem chaotic to some, but letting pieces sit in front of me as I wait for them to speak to me.  For something to show me what it should be.  Strange I am sure to some, but we all create differently.

Anyways, in this little corner there is a sign hanging on the wall that says “life is good”.  Just a constant reminder to me that no matter what life is truly good.  It reminded me of this saying that we said in church: God is good all the time, and then all the time God is good.  Well, when I look at that sign it makes me say life is good all the time, and then all the time life is good.

I know some might think this is crazy because lets face it we all face trials in life.  Hardships we’d rather not have or deal with.  Life is not good all the time! and if you think of it one dimensionally I’d agree, but looking at it from my perspective I try to see all sides of how things can be viewed.  So in search of every perspective I choose to see the silver lining in all situations.  May take me a bit to find, and sometimes it can be days later, but eventually I do.  Now, don’t get me wrong it isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and you may say that ever situations does not expose something that makes you happy.  I’d agree. However, if it came down to it sometimes my silver lining is just taking something as a learning experience, knowing that some how this situation can make me stronger, wiser, or changed in some way… if I let it.

Yeah, my idea of a silver lining doesn’t always mean it has to be peaches and cream or even make me smile in the least.  Sometimes my silver lining is crying because lets face it we all need to cry at some point, need to let our feelings out… it is a release for things inside to be let free and give to the one who can handle them.  And who knows perhaps some time down the road in your life it may reveal how it has prepared you for something you had no idea was coming.  Maybe just maybe then you will find the happiness or smile for that trial.  Causing you to realize life really is good after all.

So today I am reminded that I am thankful for choosing to find the silver lining in things, to remind me life is good.  Good doesn’t always have to be happy, but can be a learning lesson.  I don’t expect everyone to agree and we all handle situations differently, but for me if a situation causes me to grow then it is good, if it causes me to see things in a different light then it is good, if it causes me to cry when needed then it is good, if it causes me to become stronger than it is good, if it causes me to be ready for something later in life then it is good… I may not always like it or understand it, but I’d rather look at the good things or what I can make good out of it and not dwell on the negatives and the things that I feel are not good.  It really takes a toll on someone over time.

I could not image living my life always seeing things so negatively or at least staying in that thought.  So this signs for me is a reminder to not to stay in the negative thoughts of trials I face or things that do not go the way I want.  It may take me some time to get past, but I like having this little reminder to help me.

Do any of you have things that you use to help you see things positively?  Things to keep you moving forward… a favorite quote, saying etc.  I am curious to know what others do.


On a side note: I am over 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo 🙂 ahead of schedule which is always a good feeling.