Mr & Mrs O

Mr. & Mrs. O

Thanks so much for stopping by.  First off we have to say thanks to the lovely Ashley, from Ashbee Designs, for the wonderful job she did on our header, once again.  She did the for Mrs O’s previous blog: Mrs. O’s Life.

We wanted to take a minute and give you a little info about our blog…  Mrs. O, started out blogging about her life.  Pretty much sharing her side of dealing with TTC & PCOS, however, Mr. O, decided it would be nice to join in and share his perspective too.  PCOS and infertility does not just affect one person in a relationship.  And it does not just take one person to get through the trials that lay ahead, if you do not face them together you set your dreams up for failure.  So here we are starting our blogging journey together.

We hope you will join us in our journey to fill our nest… feeling like empty nesters due to infertility can be a hard journey, but we keep on fighting and one way or another we are determined to fill our nest… we will share the things we go through and try, even if it comes down to adoption.  Because we want to be parents one way or another, and children are a blessing no matter where they come from.

Take a look around our blog and always feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions.  We hope that our story and journey will help others dealing with PCOS and/or infertility to never give up on a dream, even if it seems impossible.  We’ve been trying for 9+ years and though at times we , most of the time Mrs O, feels like giving up… we are NOT.  We have come to realize that filling our nest will take different approaches and that baby dust works in many ways.


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